the emperor

the Emperor of Palameciais the primary antagonist and final boss of Final Fantasy II. He is the ruler of Palamecia who aims to conquer the world through demonic forces. Though known simply as the Emperor in Final Fantasy II, he is named Mateus in the Japan-exclusive novelization of the game: Final Fantasy II Nightmare’s Labyrinth, by Kenji Terada. Mateus wears light, golden colored armor with purple robes underneath it. His hair is blonde and spiked, with an extra-long ponytail. On his chestplate are black and white stripes tracing his ribs, and on his waist and back are demonic looking faces. His gauntlets sport extended claws. Mateus also wears purple make up on his eyes and lips. He also seems to wear a purple crown.

Being the ruler of Palamecia, the Emperor is arrogant, but also is very intelligent and manipulative, like when it’s thought that he kidnapped Hilda as a prize, but it was a setup to trap the heroes instead. Another case is when he almost tricked the spirits of Minwu, Josef, Scott, and Ricard, asking for their forgiveness and offering them eternal life. Despite his arrogance, he’s often polite when referring to his enemies by name or calling them gentlemen but at the same time he’s quick to call them insects or worms. He also seemed to be a misanthrope, harboring a hatred of Humanity. This is especially evident just before the final battle against the heroes in his Hell Emperor form, as well as being defeated in his Heaven Emperor form, declaring Humanity to have a flawed sense of justice and forsaken love, and being inherently violent.

In Dissidia Final Fantasy, he retains his personality from Final Fantasy II and some more is added. The Emperor is always calm and never seems to lose control of his emotions, he never seems to get worried because he believes that his plan will succeed without fail. His intelligence is also again demonstrated, as it is he who formulates the plan to kill Cosmos for good and end the war in Chaos’ favor using the Crystals. This is also another example of when he tricks the heroes, as it is their quest for the Crystals that lets Chaos destroy Cosmos and nearly erase the heroes, as well as his own comrades. the emperor also has some diffrent formsthat give him unique abilities in each one they are The Dark Emperor is the final boss of the original game. His face becomes demonic giving him fangs, yellow eyes, horns, and snake-like creatures on his head. His arms are covered by giant metal gauntlets. He is also shrouded by a dark-violet cloak. His powers in this form are mostly status effects, such as Blind, Slow, and various others. Every time he attacks you physically, he heals himself for the amount of damage done to your party. and his other form is called The Light Emperor is the final boss of Soul of Rebirth, where he is fought by the deceased characters of the game. He appears angelic with six wings, a golden arch on his back, a golden gown, and has golden clouds at his feet. His powers are somewhat the same as his other form, but the Light Emperor’s stats are higher than that of the Dark Emperor, and can still drain health with his physical attacks. However, he loses the ability to cause status effects, but he can now use Holy and Blaze XVI .


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