Terra Branford, named Tina in the Japanese version, is the main character in Final Fantasy VI. A half-human, half-Esper, Terra is one of the only humans able to naturally cast magic, and the only human-Esper hybrid in existence. Her unique abilities make her a key player in the war between the Gestahlian Empire and the rebel factions.

Terra is depicted in-game with mint green hair, but in all other appearances, she has blond hair. Terra also has the distinction of being the first central female lead in the series.

Terra is a young woman, eighteen years old at the beginning of the game. In-game, Terra has mint green hair, a red top and skirt, red boots and purple shoulder-pads. In her concept artwork as well as Dissidia, Terra has blonde hair with a sleeveless red dress with floral patterns, flowered white leggings, two long red gloves, red boots and a purple-pink cloak with the same flowered design as her leggings. Her hair, regardless of color, is always seen tied into a ponytail. In Terra’s Esper form, her hair is long and wild, and her entire body, hair included, is vivid pink.

As a person, Terra is a very confused young woman. She often questions her emotions, or lack thereof, and early in Final Fantasy VI is easily confused and frightened. However, as Terra learns more about herself, she becomes more assertive and determined. Once she learns her true past, she is insecure about her unique heritage and questions if she can feel love. In the end, however, Terra is very brave and willing to fight for what she knows is right, especially in the second part of the game where she rejoins the party to help make the world a better place for others.The character that would become Terra Branford was originally a male half-Esper in his early 20s. His design was eventually changed to that of 18-year-old Terra. At the end of the game she was supposed to disappear with the Espers for good, but the development team decided that it would be “going too far” and so they made her stay alive, just without the magic part of her being.Terra’s has all-around good stats, and she equips a variety of equipment including all swords and shields and all heavy armor, as well as female-exclusive equipment. This overall makes Terra one of the most effective characters in the game, as she is perfectly functional as a melee fighter or a mage. Terra’s special ability is Trance, also known as Morph, which causes her to shift into her Esper form for a period of time. While in her Esper form all of Terra’s stats are doubled, but she can only sustain the transformation for a period of time, and cannot Trance more than once per battle. The amount of time Terra can sustain the transformation increases as she earns Magic Points in battle. Terra is also one of only two characters to naturally learn magic, and when using Magitek Armor, she gains four additional Magitek commands exclusive to her: X-Fer, Confuser, Bio Blast, and Magitek Missile. Terra begins with a Mythril Knife, Buckler, Leather Hat and Leather Armor.


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