sora wisdom form

Sora’s Wisdom Form, unlike his Valor Form, relies entirely on magic. This Drive Form is learned after Sora completes his adventure at the Timeless River, and restores peace to Disney Castle, also after hearing Merlin say, “Think wisely!” possibly inspiring the name. In order to obtain this form, Sora fuses with Donald. While fighting in this form, Sora can use the ability called “Quick Run” to dash rapidly, which occasionally serves as an ability to dodge attacks or travel through areas quickly. In this form, Sora does not physically attack with the Keyblade, but instead shoots bullets of magic that home in on the enemy, making it very difficult for them to dodge. He does not walk either, but slides across the ground instead. Since Wisdom Form specializes in magical attacks, it is the weakest of Sora’s Drive Forms in terms of attack power, but its spell casting should not be underestimated. Like Valor Form, Wisdom Form consumes three Drive Bars. Donald combines with Sora to represent his magical capabilities, and his potential to use powers other than just his strength. Wisdom Form turns Sora’s clothing blue and black, with blue flames on his pants. The Wisdom Form is one of the two forms that wield one keyblade, the other one being Limit Form, which is only available in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. In any world while in Wisdom Form, specks of light hover around Sora’s legs. There is also a blue magical mist surrounding Sora’s feet and turns into two light blue wisps, one rising from each foot, when Sora slides across of landscape. These wisps circle Sora in a manner similar to a double helix when Sora is stationary.


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