sora final form

final form is Sora‘s final Drive Form in Kingdom Hearts II and is described as “Unleashing the Keyblade‘s true form and power”. It has attributes from every other Drive Form: Valor Form‘s High Jump and attack speed, Wisdom Form‘s Mobile Action, Master Form‘s telekinesis, and Anti Form‘s long combos. Sora fuses with both of his active party members in this form. It consumes five Drive Bars, consuming the most Drive Bars of any Drive Form. This form represents the climax of Sora’s power as the Keyblade Wielder of Light and Roxas‘s awakening from his slumber inside Sora, which also awakens the other half of his power. While in his normal form, Sora cannot manipulate the power of light to the level or extent that Roxas does at the height of his power; however, in this form, Sora’s control over the element rivals Roxas’s, shown by the bursts of light that surround almost all his attacks, due to Sora reuniting with his Nobody. This form also shows Sora’s ultimate power over the Keyblades and Light, as shown by his angelic luminescence and dazzling display of light and Keyblade manipulation during battle. Sora’s clothes in this form are white/silver and black, with the symbols on his pants somewhat resembling an eye with a wind pattern. This may be referenced to the fact that while Anti-Form resembles a Heartless, Final Form, which is silvery white and possesses the traits of Nobodies, can be obtained after Roxas comes to terms with Sora. Each Keyblade seems to move with an arm, though when Sora stops moving they hover behind him. Thus, every move is an attack in itself. No matter what world Sora is on, while in Final Form he never touches the ground unless he lands from a jump. Sora’s hair and clothes slowly flow as if he is being held by the wind. His clothes also systematically glow white on and off for the duration of the time he is in the form. There are also two large sparkles of pure white light that move randomly around Sora with a white wisp following them. When Sora is standing still, the position of his Keyblades seem to represent folded angel wings. When he floats (walks/runs), they open, as if Sora is flying.


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