onion knight

The Onion Knight is one of the heroes fighting for the side of Cosmos in Dissidia Final Fantasy. He makes up for his size with speed and is a master of sword arts and magic. As the youngest warrior, the Onion Knight’s lack of battle experience causes him to put on a brave and confident front when in reality he is rather scared and unsure of his abilities. The villains he encounters, including the Cloud of Darkness, serve to test his courage and power.

The Onion Knight’s outfit is taken from aspects of all incarnations of the hero of Final Fantasy III. In particular, the color scheme in his default appearance is based on his original NES appearance. The helmet is based on the DS version, as is the ability to cast magic. The body armor is closer to Yoshitaka Amano artwork of the hero.

His alternate outfit is based on Luneth from the Nintendo DS remake, changing the Onion Knight’s hair color to silver, his eyes violet, and his clothing blue. His Sage’s red colorings become blue, and the Ninja costume is almost entirely black, roughly reflecting the appearances of the two jobs in the DS release. His crystal is a direct reference to the elemental Crystals from Final Fantasy III. It is green and is the same shape as the ones seen in the game. The Manikin version of the Onion Knight, Counterfeit Youth, is green.


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