Kairi is one of several original characters appearing in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II, and also one of the main characters in the series. Kairi was born in Radiant Garden and currently lives on Destiny Islands along with her two best friends, Sora and Riku. She is four during Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, fourteen at the start of Kingdom Hearts, and fifteen during Kingdom Hearts II. Kairi’s name is derived from the Japanese word for “Sea.Kairi is caring, kindhearted and not afraid to speak out her mind. However, she is determined and courageous when someone she cares about is in danger, often risking her own safety to help that person. She’s also become slightly more withdrawn because of Sora’s absence, has obtained wisdom usually beyond someone of her age. She’s not as brash and bold as she was in the first game, but she’s still pretty sociable. She also makes friends easily, quickly befriending Hayner, Pence, and Olette in Twilight Town. She’s usually always very cheerful and upbeat and seems to be bit of a tomboy as well. In contrast to Sora and Riku, who were both bothered by not knowing about Kairi’s hometown, she took it in stride and was able to look at the positives about living in the Destiny Islands. She is loyal and headstrong, and she can be rather stubborn sometimes. Kairi’s appearance shows the most growth with aging of the trio of main characters. Kairi originally appears as a girl with short, dark red hair and violet-blue eyes, along with a pale complexion. She wears a summer theme outfit with a short skirt and large shoes, keeping with the characters’ outfit theme. She wears a white shirt with many bands and belts as well as a bracelet. Kairi’s appearance never changes from that until Kingdom Hearts II where she is shown to have grown. Kairi is taller, her hair is a darker red, and has longer hair with more developed features than her fourteen year old appearance. She holds two outfits while this happens, her school girl outfit which Selphie also wears to some sort of school on Destiny Islands, and then her main outfit which mainly contains a hooded pink strapless mini-dress made up with three zippers (two appear to be just decorative) as well as a white halter top underneath her mini-dress, a black belt reminiscent of suspenders with a note book shaped bag attachment, and large lilac shoes keeping up once again with her trio of friends. As a child, she wears a white apron-like shirt with blue flowers and a blue line across the chest, a pink skirt with a white line on it and large, white shoes with pink and purple lines on it.Kairi is seen as a young girl in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and some scenes in the original Kingdom Hearts. As a child, Kairi’s hair is a bit longer than it is in Kingdom Hearts, and she wears white shoes that resemble slippers with two stripes, one lilac and one pink, on each side. She wore a short, white dress with a thin, lavender stripe near the top and a wavy cut at the bottom. The bottom of this dress is decorated with lavender X’s. Kairi also seems to wear a second, slightly longer dress under the white one, this second dress being pink with a white stripe at the bottom.She is also shown to have worn the same necklace all her life. The only time she is shown not wearing it is in her school outfit.Kairi’s abilities in combat are limited. Kairi isn’t able to do much when she is in danger, and frequently depends on Sora or Riku to come to her aid; this also results in her sometimes being captured, which is seen when Axel merely grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her along without any problems. During the events that take place in the World That Never Was, Riku hands her a Keyblade crafted from his memories of Destiny Islands, and allows her to wield it so that she may combat the Heartless. She is shown to be fairly competent with it, and was shown to take out several Heartless on her own in cut-scenes.


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