garland is the primary antagonist in the original Final Fantasy. A former knight of Cornelia who has fallen from grace, the Warriors of Light fight him near the beginning of the game. Although dispatched, it is discovered that Garland has enacted a plan to create a time loop, allowing him to exist forever and eventually become a demon called chaos.In the original Final Fantasy, Garland’s personality receives little in the way of development. In Dissidia Final Fantasy, however, he seems to have a direct and brutal personality with a love of war and conflict, which the other characters reference in their battle quotes. He also has an obsession with the concept of endless cycles, alluding to the Time Loop in the original game and a strong connection to Chaos. Like the other villains, he is extremely arrogant. being the first boss, Garland has only physical attacks. As such, the battle against him will be rather simple and straightforward. The player’s physical attackers, if any, should attack each round, with their healer using their spells only when needed and their offensive mage attacking each round with whatever spells they have.


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