Firion is the primary protagonist of Final Fantasy II, and as such, the leader of the player’s party. He is the adopted brother of Maria and Leon and he’s best friend is called guy.Firion’s starting equipment is a broadsword, a buckler, and leather armor. He begins as the most balanced member of the team in that his attacks are on par with his magical ability. It is completely up to the player to decide what kind of warrior he becomes. If the player wants to make him a Fighter, a good idea will be to give him two Swords, that way Firion will deal double damage to enemies, though the lack of a shield will inevitably curse him with an abysmal Evasion stat. The player can also train him in the use of Black Magic.

Chaos has summoned a combined force of Final Fantasy’s ultimate masters of evil. Cosmos, in an attempt to protect the Crystals, has summoned warriors to thwart their plans. Firion is one of these warriors and stands as the hero representing Final Fantasy II, opposing the Emperor.

Firion travels with Cloud, Cecil, and Tidus. As the three each go their separate ways to fight their own personal battles, Firion begins to question his own reason for fighting. His one true desire is to end the war and create a peaceful world free from tyranny and oppression. Firion carries a wild rose with him, his wish to see them bloom freely a symbol of the world he hopes to see. During the game, various other characters learn of Firion’s dream and share his hope for a peaceful future, including Cosmos herself.


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