exdeathalso known as X-Death or ExDeath, is the primary antagonist of Final Fantasy V. According to Ghido, despite his knightly appearance, Exdeath was once, and still is to an extent, a tree from the Great Forest of Moore.

Exdeath is a loud-mouthed, blaspheming being of pure evil. Throughout the duration of the game, Exdeath treats Bartz Klauser and his party as mere pests in the way of his withstanding goal, and constantly swats them away without killing them, seeing no reason to dispose of such a mild threat. He may seem cocky, but that’s only because he can be, since his power is practically unmatched. He shows no empathy for the slaughter of his minions, even thinning out his own lines, as seen when he banishes Gilgamesh to the Interdimensional Rift for his repeated failings. Further, if his strength is ever depleted, he needs only a brief time to regenerate to fighting form.

His appearance in Dissidia gives a new angle to his motives and personality. His confidence and bravado are shown to come not only from his immense power, but his assurance that, whether or not he succeeds, everything will eventually come to an end and return to the Void. Because of this, he is not very proactive within the game’s story, simply wandering with little purpose and agreeing to assist other Warriors of Chaos with their schemes. He is also unique in that, upon his final defeat in Shade Impulse, he is far more accepting of his defeat than most of the other Warriors of Chaos. Because he strives not only for the elimination of existence, but also for his own eventual demise, he finds pleasure in the feeling of dying. After assuring the Warriors of Cosmos that all will eventually return to the Void, spends his final moments standing tall, and laughing.

Exdeath wears a sky blue suit of armor with a horned helmet, spiked shoulders and a long blue cloak. His helmet is topped with a two-ended plume and has a thin opening that would normally be used for sight. His armor is decorated with jewels, gold linings and beads, and though he is a warlock Exdeath also carries a sword with him that he can use in battle as proficiently as his magic. The opening seems to be the only actual orifice or exposed area to his outfit, and it is dark and small, therefore it is never revealed what his appearance under the armor in his humanoid form looks like.

In his tree form, Exdeath’s torso and head are visible, but are a darker shade of blue. Below the torso he shows his true form as a tree, his bark showing a demonic face on its side. Soon after the Void begins to consume Exdeath’s physical form, the various demons that his body was composed manifest as Neo Exdeath, a being composed of a random assortment of fiends, demons, and other beings, dominated at the front by a gray-skinned demon with red horns and muscular limbs. Exdeath’s ultimate goal is to withhold complete control over the infinite power of the Void, a sentient force that lives solely to consume all in its path. He proclaims that he wishes for control of all dimensions, which would cower over the power of the Void, but in the end, Exdeath himself is consumed by his power and turned into a nihilistic demon. In the final battle, he says that once he uses the power of the void to erase everything, he will then erase himself, so that nothing will exist whatsoever.

Exdeath is an extraordinarily powerful warlock who is able to destroy large areas of land with artificial disasters created by his own powers. For example, he caused the earthquake that sank Ghido’s Island, and he burned down the Great Forest of Moore. The extent of his power is further revealed when it is mentioned that all Galuf and the other Warriors of Dawn could do was seal him because “he kept going down, but wouldn’t stay down”, Also, he may have had limited power or influence over the Void even before obtaining it, as he shows when throwing his lieutenant Gilgamesh into the Interdimensional Rift.

Once Exdeath claims complete control over the Void, his power soars. He is now able to erase any part of existence with a thought, channeling the Void to engulf it and sending it into another random dimension. It is also a significant display of power when it is revealed that the only way the Light Warriors were able to defeat him was when his own power turned against him.

In combat, Exdeath, being the incarnation of countless evil beings sealed inside the tree he once was, is stupendous in the area of spellcasting. Though he rarely ever uses it, he is also decent in close combat with his sword as well.

Exdeath is also able to overwhelm a mortal consciousness and replace it with his own. He displays this power with Garula, Queen Karnak, and King Tycoon, as well as a random human guard that activates the Fire.


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