cloud is the main charecter of most of the final fantasy 7 series as he is the main charecter in both the origanol game game and in the movie. he is of short height with a slim build. His blond hair is spiked, and in final fantasy 7 featured one particularly large spike emerging into the air. For this reason, Cloud’s spiked hair has become one of the trademarks of his appearance, although in later appearances the spikes have been toned down. cloud has blue eyes becuase of the mako (energy of the planet or the lifestream as it is often called) that runs through his body and as mako infused eyes are a trademark of soldier (elite fighting force) he is often mistaken for one of them. clouds main type of weapons are broadswords and katanas but the sword that he normally uses and is most known for using is the buster sword which he uses from the begining of final fantasy 7 until the end where he puts it in the ground where zack clouds mentor and friend died as sort of a momorial he instead takes up the fusion blade which is two swords which can be used both sepratly or if cloud needs to he can fuse them together to double his power on the battlefield. in the begining of final fantasy 7 cloud unknowingly has a fake persona which was a mixture of zacks persanality and a somewhat cocky and selfish attitude that he belives a solder first class would have (the class system goes from 3rd class which is someone who hasjust started and gotten into soldier to 1st class which is a very select speciel unit of solder which only the best of the best can get into) after the events of the original final fantasy 7 he take up more of a dark and somber nature where he is tormented by his past of allowing both zack and aerith to die.


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