cloud of darkness

The Cloud of Darkness is the final boss of Final Fantasy III. She appears to be a green, naked, humanoid female with a heart-shaped red marking on her forehead, but only the top of her torso is shown. Although she is the final boss, she does not appear in the game until the very end. The Cloud of Darkness she refers to herself in the plural form; using “We” instead of “I”. Dissidia Final Fantasy explains this as her two tentacles having minds of their own, and the Cloud of Darkness speaks for all three of them.

In the NES game, the snake-like tentacles nearby the Cloud of Darkness were simply for decoration. In the DS game, however, the tentacles’ numbers were reduced to two and were given attacks. The one to the right of the Cloud of Darkness had abilities such as Haste and Esuna, while the one to the left used Lightning whenever possible.

Cloud of Darkness has also appeared in the fighting game, Dissidia Final Fantasy, as the villain opposing Onion Knight. The Cloud of Darkness’ personalty isn’t really explored in Final Fantasy III, as she is more of a monster, like Zeromus rather than a character. though in Dissidia Final Fantasy she is given more depth. Very cruel and belittling towards others, the Cloud of Darkness has no care for human life, though is fascinated by living things’ attempt to live in spite of knowing they would eventually die. In league with Kefka and Exdeath, the Cloud of Darkness also desires to destroy everything.


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