Bartz Klauser (Butz Klauser in the Japanese version) is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy V. He is the son of Dorgann, one of the original Warriors of Dawn, and a woman named Stella. His mother died from cardiac arrest when he was young, and his father died three years before the game begins. On advice from his father, Bartz decided to wander the world.

Bartz has a slim muscular build and is quite athletic. Being a wanderer, he has the ability to find his way through most terrains in his adventures. He appears to have white hair on Amano‘s artworks, but his sprite art depicts him with brown hair, which may be more fitting with his father’s dirty blond hair. Bartz’s eyes appear to be grayish or brown depending on the source. Officially, he is the tallest of the party in the entire game.

Bartz starts his adventure without many ambitions other than to wander around the world, stating that that is what his father wanted and so he initially rejects Lenna‘s invitation to join her. However, his own conscience betrays him (along with Boko‘s groans) to do the right thing, and so in his carefree way he chooses to defend the crystals, which in turn passes a lot of great powers and responsibilities to him, forcing him to mature through the hardships the party must encounter and even discovering his father’s origins and deeds, something that crafts on him the strong sense of justice that resided within his heart that he inevitably inherited from his father. Dissidia Final Fantasy expands Bartz’s personality further, revealing him to be more playful and carefree than apparent, which brings him a lot of trouble, but in spite of his immature attitude, he eventually shows his “serious” side that reveals his real strength, fitting Golbez‘s statement that “One must find for one self, the true power that dwells within”.

During the absence and after the death of Galuf in the Great Forest of Moore, Bartz takes his role as a leader and defender of the group more than once. He confronts Exdeath directly during their stay in the prison of Exdeath’s Castle, stands out for the party and gets punished for that, while at the time Galuf sees his friends suffering and jumps into action. Also, after the merging of the worlds, he, Krile, and Faris talk to the sage Ghido in his cave. Exdeath emerges from Krile’s shoe, disguised as a splinter, disables Faris, Krile, and Ghido, so Bartz fights him on his own before Ghido surfaces again and makes him go away.


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