hi my name is zack fair i am part of the elite fighting corp known as soldier and i have recently been promoted to a first class for helping stop the war between us and the wutai. soldier also belongs to the company known as shinra who is powering the entire city of midgar with the lifestream or as we call it mako. also as a staple requirment when you join the firstclass of soldier you are required to have your body infused with mako energy which will turn your eyes almost completly blue save for a bit just before your pupils which will still have your origanal eye colour.  also becuase of this i have managed to get closer to my other fellow firstclass soldiers who are my mentor angeal,genesis who is completly obsessed with this book called loveless, and everyone at solders idol sephiroth who stands at the top even amoungst the other first class my main weapon that i use is called the bustersword which i got from my mentor angeal. i also have relationships with the director of soldier and another special unit that is under direct orders from shinras president who are known as the turks whose main job is survallence i have good relationships with most of the turks but i have closer relationships who are known as cissnaie,rude, reno who is the secound in command of the turks and tsung who is the commander of all the turks


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